VIRTUAL COURSE: Visioning Workshop

Create Your Vision

And then make it happen.

The more important a goal is to you, the more likely it is to fall prey to your mind's hidden patterns.

We all have them - and they really undermine progress.

They tend to show up when we really, really want something.

Believe it or not, the most powerful way to create change is bring your subconscious mind on board - to envision it first.

That's why everyone from fashion designers to tech icons create vision boards to help them “see” their dreams before they pursue them. 

In this self-paced Visioning Workshop you will quickly create…

  • Clarity and Confidence
  • Focus and Goals
  • Inspiring Vision Board
  • Proven Manifesting Practice
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  • We offer this workshop live every January and it sells out at $199.
  • It's currently selling for $49.95 on our website.
  • Get the COMPLETE PACKAGE, along with our BOUNS tech/design module for just $29!

What you'll accomplish

You'll use our one-of-a-kind four step process to create a Vision Board that truly represents your best self and your best life. Then, you'll learn exactly how to bring that vision to life with our proven daily manifesting practice.


Our Visioning Workshop starts by getting you crystal clear on exactly how you want to feel about yourself and about your life.

We give you a downloadable visioning meditation to help you step in to that best version of who you are.

It’s powerful stuff.


Next, you’ll use that clarity to create goals that are in complete alignment with your best self and best life.

You’ll learn how to use this as a filter to test all your current goals and future goals too!


In module 3  we'll teach you how to make a vision board that really speaks to you.

Trust us, if you're thinking "been there, done that", we promise that this will be the best board you’ve ever created.

(Oh and if you’re not a techie? NO WORRIES. We’re including a BONUS tech-design module to help you EASILY create a beautiful board you'll want to frame. You’ll be designing like a pro.)


Finally, we’re going to give you a simple Manifesting PRACTICE that will take everything you've learned and ensure that you’re making progress on your best life 100% of the time.

It sounds like a bold claim, but we’ve proven that it works. It’s actually the very thing that our practice was designed to do.

What people are saying...

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"The Visioning Workshop was like WOW… totally killer! Getting really grounded on my goals and what’s important to me made it real, and every time I revisit my vision it totally lights me up!”


★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"Helped me get super-clear on my goals, and the practice pieces pulled it all together. I finally feel grounded and excited and am ready to embrace this new way of being."


★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"The Visioning workshop was different than any I have done before. It really helped me hone in on how I want to feel and the qualities in myself I most want to cultivate. Loved it!."


"Dana and Wendy are a powerful duo - their energy, compassion and solid knowledge base combine to inspire extraordinary transformation for those of us who are seeking to become our best selves at this wonderful 50+ stage of life. I love witnessing and experiencing the big magic they are generating in the world with Camp Reinvention and Camp’s Visioning Workshop. If you are ready to take the next step in creating a life you’re wildly excited about then sign up for their programs. I’m so happy I did!"


Whether you make a Vision Board every year or this is your first time, get ready for a POWERFUL PROCESS.

When creating a vision board most people fail to use the most powerful component - a manifesting practice to bring their vision to life.

Whether you're new to visioning or have been doing it for years, our proven, simple practice will help you manifest your goals with confidence, clarity and focus.

(And our creation process is incredible too - you just may be inspired to make another even if you already have one!)

You Get the Complete Package

A Word From Wendy & Dana

There's no hocus pocus here. Our programs are all grounded in neuroscience and psychology.

And together, we have over 4 decades of experience in coaching and training.

We walk our talk every day.

If we teach it, we use it, we've helped others use it.

We know it works.”

WENDY PERROTTI & DANA HILMER Camp Reinvention™ Co-Founders

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Why put off making your vision a reality? If you're thinking it's because you're not sure what you want to create, we've got you covered. You'll find the clarity, confidence and focus you've been looking for. AND you'll have the tools and practice to actually create the goals you set. We'll show you exactly how to turn even your biggest goals into reality.

$49.95 $29

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